Michael Vick dog

On Wednesday, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick declined to answer a question about whether he owned a dog. But on Thursday he released a statement confirming that his family recently got a dog. "I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family's decision to care for a pet," Vick said in a statement

MS-13 gang

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration declared the ultra-violent street gang MS-13 to be an international criminal group on Thursday, an unprecedented crackdown targeting the finances of the sprawling U.S. and Central American gang infamous for hacking and stabbing victims with machetes.

The Treasury Department formally designated MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, a transnational criminal

Miley Cyrus Bonnie and Clyde

AIf you think it’s been too long since Miley Cyrus showed up in your regularly scheduled television programming, then you’re in luck. However, it may not be exactly in the form that you remember her. The former Disney Channel star is in talks to play the infamous BoAnnie Parker in an unnamed Bonnie and Clyde

Casey Anthony 3 billion lawsuit

Casey Anthony has been accused of many things in her time, not least the murder of her toddler

Nelly tour bus

Police found narcotics and a loaded weapon on rapper Nelly’s tour bus at a border patrol checkpoint, TMZ is reporting, after a police canine detected the presence of drugs.
According to TMZ, police found heroin (36 small bags totaling .64 ounces), ten pounds of marijuana (roughly the size of a large pillow) and a loaded .45 calibre pistol on their search.


Baby bones victim identified

FREEHOLD, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey police have identified a child whose skeletal remains were found in 2005 and charged three people, including her aunt and uncle, with covering up her death.

Authorities said the body was that of 9-year-old Jon-Niece Jones, who was abused and died at her aunt's New York City home in August 2002.

Investigators allege the girl's mother and uncle, and her aunt's boyfriend, then drove the body to New Jersey,

Cruise ship captain sues

The captain of an Italian luxury liner which ran aground in January is taking ship owner Costa Crociere to court for firing him and is demanding his job back, Italy's Repubblica newspaper said.
Francesco Schettino, who is being investigated for causing the shipwreck which claimed 32 lives and abandoning the Costa Concordia before everyone had been evacuated, was fired by Costa at the end of July, the report said, AFP reports.

Sarah Brightman space

British singer Sarah Brightman will become the first soprano in space when she travels to the International Space Station (ISS).
The recording artist - who hit the charts in 1978 with I Lost My

Brain-eating amoeba

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A brain-eating amoeba has killed at least 10 people in Pakistan's most populous city since May, a World Health Organization official said on Tuesday.
Naegleria fowleri has a fatality rate of more than 98 percent. It is transmitted when contaminated water enters the body through the nose and cannot be passed person-to-person.
The 10 confirmed cases have all occurred in the southern port city of Karachi, said Dr Musa Khan, head of the WHO's Disease Early Warning System in Pakistan.